Working remedies to fix AOL Blerk error 5

AOL mail services are quite popular among American users not just because they provide them with emailing facilities but also offer services such as AOL desktop gold, AOL instant messenger, and so on. Despite being a popular platform among users, many people prefer using it because they can easily troubleshoot any kind of issues that they face on this platform.

As it is clear from the title of this topic, today we are going to have in-depth knowledge about AOL Blerk error 5 and the ways to fix it. Many users have been facing this issue while they were using AOL email services. But, fortunately, there are some ways to get rid of this issue at the earliest.

But, before we go ahead with discussing the ways to fix AOL Blerk error 5, let us know what it actually means to come across this error, what causes it, and what can be done to get rid of it.

What is AOL Blerk error 5?

Some of you must have heard about AOL Blerk error 1 or 5. However, if this is the first time you are seeing this error message on your device’s screen then you should know what it actually means. Well, this is an error that most users face when they could log in to their accounts but could not load their emails. The moment they try to refresh their mailboxes, the AOL Blerk error 5 pops up on their screens becoming a cause of frustration. Therefore, if you are also facing this issue again and again, then continue with the sections given below.

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Reasons behind AOL Blerk error 5

In case you want to fix this issue with your AOL mail account, then you might want to know the actual cause behind this issue. Well, the factors can range from major ones to minor ones, so you must determine which the most applicable cause in your situation is. Some of the common reasons are specified below:

  • Incompatible or inappropriate settings of your web browser
  • Outdated version of the AOL app being used on your device
  • Due to some reasons, AOL is not able to authenticate your AOL mail login credentials
  • Your device is not in accordance with the AOL system requirements
  • There are some bugs in your device
  • Your system is facing technical or internet-related issues
  • Those users who have logged in through multiple devices may also face this error

After being familiar with the common reasons why you were coming across Blerk error 5 repeatedly, let us now come to the main part of the topic i.e. the ways to fix this error.

Some quick fixes for Blerk error 5

Since this error is a temporary error therefore you need not worry about fixing it with some heavy troubleshooting steps. Only a few simple remedies would help you resolve this error in no time. However, before you begin with it, the most basic thing you can do is wait for some time as this is a temporary error and it gets fixed automatically after some time. But, if it does not get fixed automatically, then you should try one of these ways:

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Method 1- Restart your device/browser

Oftentimes, restarting your device is the only thing that is required for any error to get fixed automatically. Therefore, you should either restart your browser or restart your device completely and then try to access your account and see if AOL Blerk error 5 is fixed or not.

Method 2- Update your web browser

If you are able to use your AOL account on another device but not on the current device that you are using, then there is a probable issue with your browser. Therefore, you must check for any browser updates and install them immediately.

Method 3- check your internet connection

In case you are still not able to fix this issue and come across AOL Blerk error repeatedly, then you should verify with your Internet Service Provider whether there is an issue with the internet connectivity. Else, restart your router and reconnect your device to it.

Method 4- clear browser cache files

The long-stored browser cache and cookies on any browser usually lead to this issue. Therefore, to avoid any such errors, you should get rid of them on a regular basis. Most probably, this would help you fix the issue.

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Method 5- Try after some time

Besides applying these solutions, if you continue to face this error, the only thing you can do is wait for some time and try again after a few hours. This time, you should ensure that you have already applied the method mentioned above to avoid any chances of facing the same error again.


Still, looking for solutions? Well, there are a few more things you can try to get past this error. Either you can switch to any other web browser or try accessing your AOL account on another device. We hope that by the end of this post, you will be able to get rid of AOL Blerk error 5.

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