How to distinguish between AOL and GMAIL

It is difficult to make a choice when you have too many options to choose from. Users undergo a big dilemma when they need to choose between AOL and Gmail. Hence, we will make out a comparison between the two based on different aspects.

As we all know, Gmail is quite a popular emailing service provider for the past many years, but AOL is not as popular as Gmail. But the question arises here- is it really so? Well, this we will get to know only after exploring some features about both of them.

Hopefully, this guide will help you make out the basic difference between the two so that choosing the perfect emailing service can be an easy choice for you. Also, you will get to learn which emailing platform will serve as the basic platform of communication among your office mates.

Differences based on various capabilities

  • The user-interface

Both AOL and Gmail have a very basic user interface that has a very easy-to-use template. In both of them, you will find out similar options in the welcome window which contains an email list in the center pane. Also, you will find out that the folders are present on the left side of the window.

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Apart from this, a search bar is available at the top of the window so that you can get your hands on the required email instantly. Many find it difficult to navigate to the ‘Contacts’ section in Gmail, however, it is easy in the AOL mail. On the other hand, many users find the interface of AOL a little messed up.

  • Arrangement

There are a variety of tools found in Gmail that helps the users to find and navigate to different options quite easily. This property of Gmail lets the users keep their emails organized and well-managed. It also undergoes necessary updates from time to and in a recent update, it has received a new feature.

This feature gave a tabbed inbox and allows you to filter the emails in different categories.  Speaking about AOL, we can say that it also has an impressive as well as an organized email management system. Although users may find the options a little complex yet they come with ease-of-useful.

  • Storage

When it comes to Gmail, all of us know that Gmail offers good storage space that too of up to 15GB. This means that you can save as many emails as you want but there is a catch. This storage is not only for Gmail but is for other Gmail services as well including Google Drive and Google Plus.

On the contrary, AOL states that it offers unlimited storage services to its users however many find it not to be true. But, there is good news about it that you can ask for additional storage from the service providers.

  • Additional features

If you are an existing Gmail user then you would know that there are plenty of additional and exciting services that Gmail has to offer you. You can have a follow up for packages and the dropdown menu allows you to perform a variety of functions.

Adding an event is also something that is loved by the users a lot. Viewing YouTube videos as well as saving stuff to Google Drive is yet another thrilling feature of Gmail. However, this is not the case with AOL because it doesn’t roll out as many features as Gmail.

  • Mobile app

When it comes to the mobile app of Gmail, we can say that it offers a full-feature app similar to its web-based platform. This app is specifically available for Android as well as iOS. You can easily sync different accounts of your phone with it. While there is no such app developed by AOL and this makes AOL users feel a little miserable.

Depending on these features, you will be able to make out the basic difference between AOL and Gmail. Hence, making a wise choice completely depends on the users’ personal opinion.

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