Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of the users sincerely and make the best practices for dealing with their personal information; shared by them or automatically collected. This privacy policy walks you through the practices we undergo to collect and secure users’ information. The words “site”, “website”, “we”, “us”, “our”, or “aol mail login” directly or indirectly refer to To avoid any inconvenience in the future, each user should make sure that he goes through the minute details on this page carefully. 

What information do we collect?

When a user makes a visit on any section of this website, his information is collected for a variant of reasons. The information collected may include:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Your age
  • Phone number
  • Details about your faulty device/software

This information is collected at the time you register yourself on this site. 

What do we do with the collected information?

No matter what is the manner of information collection, we use it in the following ways:

  • To enhance the searching experience on this website. Hence we strive hard to make it worthy for you. 
  • We also try to make the much-needed changes to our website based on the feedback the customers share with us. 
  • This information lets us make improvements to the services we offer to the visitors.
  • When you opt for any service request on this platform, the information shared by you plays an important role and helps us to respond in a better way and come up with better solutions.
  • If any kind of transaction needs to be completed via this website, your information helps us in processing it easily. 
  • Using the email address shared by you, we send you emails periodically about the latest updates and changes. 

Do we sell your information?

The information shared by the users, will not be sold under any circumstances. Be it public information or private, we restrict from its selling, exchange, or transfer. In case, there is a need to share your info, we do not do it without seeking your consent.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, uses cookies in order to store the preferences of the users for serving them the requested solutions. If you are unaware about the usage of cookies, you may search for it on the Internet and know more about it. In simpler words, we can refer to cookies as the small files that are transferred by the service providers to your devices in order to collect certain important data. Using this data, websites are able to collect information about website traffic.

Information disclosure to third parties

We may or may not, at our sole discretion, disclose your data to trusted third-party websites only at your acceptance. We only share it with those who help us expand our business or provide you the desired services. This information is shared only on one condition, that they would keep it confidential. We take the whole responsibility of the users personally identifiable information, that it would not be shared under any situation except the conditions mentioned above. However, information other than this may be shared for the marketing or other purposes. 

Third party links

You may come across certain third-party links while going through this platform. Hence, if you find any such link here and wish to go through that website, then you should read their policies and terms separately. This practice at the users’ end is very important as it saves them from the future hurdles. 

Online Privacy Policy Only

The privacy policy given on this page is only restricted to online information collection. We clearly mention that this is not in consideration to the data collected offline. 

Your Consent

By using any of the services of this website, you give your consent to our policies.

Contacting Us..

Contacting us is easy if you have any queries regarding the content of any page of this website. You may get in touch with us at

Disclaimer** We put in our best efforts to provide the accurate and valid information to the visitors. However, we do not guarantee its accuracy or validity at all levels as the information may undergo timely changes. For consequential or financial loss through the use of this website, we shall not be held liable under any situation. We only provide services when it is requested from the users, and not otherwise. The brand name, images, and logos of Aol are used here just for the purpose of reference and we completely disclaim their authority. These are the propriety of it's respective holders.