How to un-send or recall an email in AOL?

Wasted a long time in composing an email, but suddenly realized that you have made a silly mistake in it? Worry not because you can always un-send an email in which you have made a mistake or sent to the wrong person or forgot to attach a necessary file.

However, there are certain restrictions in using the “unsend” feature since it is completely time-based. You will not find this amazing feature to recall an email in AOL but also in other emailing platforms like Gmail. Likewise, this feature is time-based on other platforms as well.

However, the method to do the same might slightly vary in each platform. Now, speaking about AOL, one thing all users should note is that this feature is missing from the unpaid services of AOL. This can only be used in the paid version of AOL Desktop Gold. So, if you are using the paid version of AOL Gold, you can easily make use of this feature by using the instructions that are given below. So, here we go ahead in our endeavor to learn more about recalling an email in AOL. But, one thing you should be assured of is whether you have enabled this feature or not.

Method to un-send an email in AOL

In case you haven’t already enabled this feature, then you must do it so that you can make use of the “unsend” feature.

  1. Open the AOL Desktop Gold account with which you have sent the email.
  2. For this, provide your AOL mail login details.
  3. Once you log in successfully, you can go to the “Send” folder.
  4. In the same folder, you need to tick-mark the box next to the message you wish to unsend.
  5. As soon as you do so, click on the “Unsend” option.
  6. On the confirmation pop-up, select the “Unsend” option once again.

This would not send those messages from your account that you have checked earlier.

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Note: One thing worth noting here is that you cannot always unsend an email because there are certain restrictions for the same. If you fulfill those pre-conditions, then only you will be able to unsend or recall your email. In case you do not know about these pre-conditions, then you may refer to the section given below.

Pre-conditions to unsend an email

You will not be able to unsend an email in the following scenario:

  • In case you have sent an email to someone who is not using AOL or your recipient is not using the AOL email service, then you will not be able to unsend the email.
  • In addition to that, only those emails can be unsent those are sent using the AOL Gold Desktop. If you have sent the email from its email client or the AOL application, then you will not be able to do this.


With that, we come to conclude that the “unsend” feature is a convenient one, users need to be a part of the paid membership of AOL Desktop Gold. In case you wish to enjoy this service for free, then you need to switch to any other email client of your choice.

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